Benbros Album released today!

Here it is, as promised! This morning the release of the very first Benbros album. Today also marks the birthday of my brother Supawal, and the 10th anniversary of Carla and I moving to France! You can download a selection of tracks from our album for free this morning at the link below. Wishing you all a fabulous day.

A taster!

With the release of our first album “Friday’s Child”, just over a week away, we’ve been asked what sort of shizz is it? Here is a taster of type of shizz it iz! This track will give you the idea, and although it won’t appear on the album you can download it for free! Please give us a like, share it, and leave a comment.
Thanks 🙂

Still gigging like a good ‘un….

Last Thursday we played Devant Les Halles in Anguoleme city centre (Outside the Blues Rock Cafe. It was ‘Madame Blanc and Friends’…..a ‘put together just for the gig’ band…we had great ‘no rehearsal fly by seat of pants’ fun, and a few strong beers! 🙂
madame blanc and friends

Saturday was a private party with Jazz a la Carte. A very different night, though still great fun. We played from 8pm until midnight with a 30 minute break! A real workout!

…..and still to come in September, a solar powered gig, and a gig at a nudist camp! I kid you not! 🙂

Here’s the details…
16th September, Friday 8pm, La Caverne 14 rue Montebe?lo 86500 Montmorillon.
17th September, Saturday 8pm, Auberge du Noyer, La Brousse, Londigny 16700.
20th September, Tuesday 8pm, Camping Creuse Nature, Route de Betete, Boussac 23600.
24th September, Saturday, Private party. Solar Power!

Stay in Bed

Here is a cover version of Jess Roden’s ‘Stay in Bed’. Recorded here in France, one late night in August. Madame Blanc on vocals, Andrew ‘Supawal’ Bennet on drums, Serge Baudot on bass, me on guitars. If you like it, please comment and share it……

A visit from Supawal

Supawal my brother was over for a visit last weekend. We had a great weekend. No cycling, but plenty of beer and music. Here’s a couple of compositions that we put together….I hope you like them.

Funk 15, from an original idea by Supawal with Tim Bragg on Flute, and Serge Baudot on Bass….

F NIK2 with Supawal on Drums, Dave Purple on harmonica and bottleneck guitar. From and original idea by stratobiker :-)….

Gigs in August….

August is super busy, as usual….I’m really looking forwards to getting stuck into these.
31st July, The Sugaree Band, Auberge de l’Argentour, Nanteuil-en-Vallée, 16700
1st Saturday – Jazz a la Carte – Private function.
2nd Sunday 12noon- Jazz a la Carte Green Man Inn, Charroux, 86250
7th Friday 8pm- Jazz a la Carte La Petite Fontaine, La Dorat, 87210
8th Saturday 8pm- Jazz a la CarteBar de la Fontaine, Gouex, Poitou-Charentes
13th Thursday – Jazz a la Carte – Private function.
14th Friday – Jazz a la Carte La Meteorite, Rochechouart 87600
15th Saturday 8pm- Jazz a la Carte Au Reflet des Limousines, Ecuras 16220
16th Sunday 5pm- Jazz a la Carte Le Soleil Couchant, Verneuil, 16310
21st Friday 8pm- Jazz a la Carte Le Repos, Lac du Mondon, Cromac, 87
23rd Sunday- Jazz a la Carte – “Grande Braderie”, Ruffec town centre, all day…
11am Place d’Armes, Hotel de Ville
3pm Rue Jean Jaurès/Rue du Chenais
5pm Place Aristide Briand
27th Thursday – Bennetti’s Jazz n Blues ClubLe Soleil Couchant, Plan d’Eau, Verneuil, 16310.
28th Friday 8pm- Jazz a la CarteCafé de le Gare, Gourville 16170
29th Saturday 8pm- Jazz a la CarteAuberge du Noyer, La Brousse, Londigny 16700
30th Sunday 12noon- Jazz a la CarteLa Charrette, Benest 16350