La Belle Riviere Gorre…

Here’s the video showing how beautiful this river is….

“Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix” est situé à 200m du bourg de St-Auvent, au point le plus pittoresque de la rivière (la Gorre), dont le lit est encombré de rochers qui entraînent la formation de nombreux rapides ainsi que de plusieurs îles boisées. Communément appelé “le petit Lourdes en Limousin”, ce vaste domaine se caractérise par les nombreuses découvertes culturelles et religieuses que l’on peut y faire : la Grotte, réplique de celle de Lourdes, l’Oratoire, situé sur la colline (Mont des Béatitudes), l’oratoire de Notre-Dame de Potmain, le chemin de crois, la chapelle Notre Dame de la Paix, l’abri des pèlerins, diverses statue de Sainte Bernadette, Notre Dame de Fatima…etc. Cet édifice religieux et site naturel est un havre de paix, propice au recueillement.

“Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix” is located 200m from the town of St-Auvent, at the most picturesque point of the river (the Gorre), whose bed is cluttered with rocks which lead to the formation of numerous rapids as well as than several wooded islands. Commonly called “little Lourdes in Limousin”, this vast area is characterized by the many cultural and religious discoveries that can be made there: the Grotto, a replica of that of Lourdes, the Oratory, located on the hill (Mont des Beatitudes), the oratory of Our Lady of Potmain, the Way of the Cross, the Chapel of Our Lady of Peace, the shelter for pilgrims, various statues of Saint Bernadette, Our Lady of Fatima…etc. This religious building and natural site is a haven of peace, conducive to contemplation and meditation.

Remembering to Forget – My 2022 Album

For the past 4 years I have put out an album to document my musical adventures. Remembering to Forget is this years album. There’s a range of styles, however, all are heavily influenced by my study of jazz guitar with Matt Warnock. It’s his teachings, approach and creativity that I have put into practice here. I hope you like it.

Here’s some background for each track…..
Time to Think…
From an original idea by PatrickM. Because sometimes we need time to think, to reflect.

Argo Phosphine…
From time to time I get an invite from a local record label to submit a track for a compilation album. The brief –
Call for the « PHONOGRAPHIES » project

For the “Phonographies” project, each artist is invited to compose a sound or musical piece containing field recordings. The composition should contain recordings through samples or it may be a raw « one-shot » piece.

I insist on the fact that your composition must absolutely contain sounds recorded around you or in your sound banks: that is the point. This is what will make the link throughout the project.

There were storms at the time, and during the day there was acrid smoke from the forest fires 300kms away, and what seemed like the endless noise of jet engines. I wanted something relentless and disonant. I recorded the sound of the storms, also the sound of the frogs. I used pickscrapes for the sound of the jets. White noise from a flanger and various guitar sounds with the guitar is drenched in reverb and delay. Percussion from loops of unequal lengths and some ‘one shot’ sounds from an old recording. Argo Phosphine is an anagram of Phonographies.

Beseechingly Yours…
My tip of the hat to one of my favourite guitar players Derwin “Big D” Perkins.

Pocket Queen…
Taylor Gordon a.k.a Pocket Queen on Instagram. Every so often she posts a drum loop and invites musicians to do something with it. This is my attempt at one of those.

Infant Eyes – Wayne Shorter…
A cover of Infant Eyes with Lyda Van Tol. This was my Jazz study group’s tune of the month for July ( Lyda didn’t know the tune, she sight read it from the lead sheet. What a fab voice, and what skills!

Simply a tribute to July making use of some tasty chord moves I’d learned in the jazz study group.

Remembering to Forget…
The title track. It’s a thing to do at the end of a serious practice session on guitar. Just forget everything and play…..but you have to remember to do that.

Andalusian Cadence…
Exactly that. Let the cadence do the work and play the least I can while making sure to hit the ‘meaningful’ notes.

La Belle Riviere Gorre…
Another one for the local record label to submit a track for a compilation album. The brief –
Call for “CARTES POSTALES” project

(Based on the idea of Argentinean artist Carlos Devizia)
Each artist will have to choose one of the most beautiful natural places in the world for them. They will compose a sound (or music) piece inspired by that place.
We at Camembert Électrique believe that there are so many beautiful places in our world, that they deserve to be honoured musically.

I chose one of my very favourite places. The River Gorre near Saint Auvent. Just a stones throw from where I live. I walk there often and I find it to be a magical place. I make a point of stopping to just watch the river flow for a few minutes.