Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006

Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006 trophy

It gave me great pleasure to accept the trophy for “Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006”. It gave me great pleasure to show the ‘young guns’, and to prove to myself, that there’s life in the old dog yet. Karting, MTB racing, and Motorcycle Trials, a great multi-discipline challenge.
What started as a fun idea back in late summer turned out to be a fantastic motivator for me. Once I got started I just couldn’t help myself from taking it seriously.

“Thanks to everyone at Pearce Cycles for organising the events and being super competitors. Thanks to my wife for her continued support and putting up with my grumpiness when I’ve been tired from training. I have always believed that it is ones duty as a sportsman to give the best performance that one can give, and to win where possible by the biggest margin…….and fancy letting an old bloke with a dodgy shoulder beat youse”

James Williams Motorcycle Trial Challenge

James trial the day after boxing day. The third and final round of the Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006. I’m showing 1st on the leader board, but I have no trials bike to ride, and this leaves 2nd placed Gary clear to snatch the title.

Looking well set for a clear section!!!Following a frantic google search, and a few phone calls… got to say a mighty thanks to Mark at BVM in Stroud. Not only did he sort me out with a bike, but his mechanics spent some time with me setting it up, and making sure I was happy with it. Thanks Guys. Very Happy.

Also must thank Main Motorcycle Man, and Top Trials Tutor James Williams from Pearce Cycles for a full day of intensive tuition to try and get me in shape. Cheers James. Very Happy.

Last time I rode a trial it was on a Villiers 197, and I was 14!!! This time I was on a Beta Rev3. What a great bike, a joy to ride. I couldn’t believe how much grip could be had from a trials tyre at 3psi. Anyway, I finished second out of four riders in the novice class. But, and here’s the important bit…. I finished ahead of my mate Gary, and this was enough to make me the Champion of Champion 2006!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy!!!

All the riders

…and a big thanks to all the riders who made it so much fun… to James dad who let us us his farm as a venue, and James mum who sorted out some fantastic shepherds pie for lunch.

Runners versus Riders

The annual Runners versus Riders race is 10 miles of lung-bursting strength sapping agony. It’ll be my first race in over three years, I’ve trained hard and I want to do well.

Fat old bloke with dodgy shoulder on his way to 2nd place.Warming up before the start I’m a little nervous. This manifests itself in the form of phantom pees, almost as soon as I’ve put me willy away I wanna go again. This is normal, and a good sign. Also warming up are Doc, he looks fit and purposeful. Gary, he always looks fit, has won before, and in my mind is the man to beat. Marcus is here, he only shows if he has some form, and he’s a past winner.

As we sit on the start line there’s a young whippet on a Litespeed titanium with trick bits next to me. Someone is telling him that he’ll go well and will win! We’re off!!! I jump into second place on the tarmac so as to keep out of trouble but take some shelter. We start the climb accross the field towards the forest. The ground is very soft, like riding with flat tyres in porridge. Dave Price (Pricer) puts in a stinging attack, and Gary goes after him. There’s no way I can match that.

We cross the road into the forest, I’m in third place. Litespeed lad comes past me and opens up a gap. The climb through the forest is a tough one, Gary has caught Pricer and is almost out of sight. Down the ramp and onto the fire road. The gradient eases slightly, more my sort of climb. I clang down the block a couple of gears and mash on. Litespeed lad comes back to me in no time, I slow for a second behind him then lift it past him to deter him from hanging on. I catch Pricer just before the singletrack at the bottom of Chemical Bank. I scramble past trying to look smooth and strong. Continue reading

A Final Push

With the Pearce Cycles annual runners versus riders just over a week away, plus the fact that I’m in second place on the Pearce Cycles Champion of Champions 2006 leader board, the pressure is on, and a final push will see me on the start line in good form.

For the last couple of months I’ve been out with the Radbroke Wheelers, a mix of roadies and triathletes who thrash around the lanes of Cheshire for an hour or so each lunchtime. They ride roadbikes, or cross bikes with road tyres. I have been riding my mountainbike. It has been absolute agony, but come rain shine and gales I’ve been there. On good days I have contributed, on bad days I’ve just grovelled on wheels, but I’ve not been dropped once, and the hard work is surely paying off. I feel fitter, faster, and more aggressive on the bike.

Why am I trying so hard? Well, after last years poor performance I was dissapointed in myself at having let my fitness go so much, and resloved to do something about it. It’s amazing how having a goal spurs you on.

My Chances? I know that my main rivals have also been out training hard, but I don’t think they’ve put in as much work as me, and I’m banking on the fact that they won’t have the miles in their legs, and will fade early. I’m playing my cards very close to my chest, and haven’t mentioned to anyone how much work I have put in.

I’m cutting back on the miles this week, but keeping the intensity high, I’ve lost some weight, and I’m feeling mean. A final push…..