Big Red Randonnee – Ridden

First, some stats from my GPS – Distance Ridden 96 miles (I didn’t turn the GPS unit on until the B&B). Max speed 34.0mph (that must be the descent into Queen Elizabeth Park. I’m a coward). Moving time 09:16. Moving average 10:3mph. Stoppped 1hr 39mins (tea & toast at QE park, full lunch and a change of kit just after the A20 crossing, tea and fruit loaf at Devils Dyke, tea and sandwich at Itford Farm). Overall average 8.8mph (that’s leisurely). Total ascent in meters 2760.Now ‘some anorak’ stuff. I rode a standard Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Hardtail. I ran Specialized Rockster 1.9 tyres @ 50psi (They don’t make these anymore, closest thing would be Hutchinson Pythons). I set my Fox RL 80mm forks soft with a slightly quicker than normal rebound so that they would soak up the smaller bumps and save my wrists. I carried 1 spare tube, plus glue and patches, a small allen key tool, a Blackburn mini pump, a gillet, a chewy bar, and a bottle with ‘gear’ in it. I fitted a small bell on my bike, and it was used a lot. Walkers seem to like a bell.

Having back-up meant that I didn’t have to carry too much kit, and the longest time I spent on my own was about three hours. I didn’t suffer much, and I reckon the good stop half way, and full change of kit paid dividends. The back-up was my lover Carla, who’s experience and skill at looking after bike riders is second to none. I didn’t have to worry, “will she be there?”, and “will I be able to find her?”, because I knew she just would be in the right place, and she’d have everything ready. Even when I turned up at QE park with a buddy she made an extra brew as if she had been expecting it. I couldn’t have done it without her, and it wouldn’t have been half as much fun.

Last year I rode the event on a full-suspension bike. This year I rode a hard tail. Now, if I was going to ride next year which do you think I would choose?

Big Red Randonnee – Please Sponsor Me

Some of you may remember that I rode the South Downs Way in a day last year in aid of the British Heart Foundation and raised £500. Well, I’m gonna do it again.It’s a tough ride of 100 miles, mostly off-road. Last year it took me 10hrs and 20mins. This year I am hoping to do the event in under 10hrs.
“Well what’s so tough about that then, and why should I sponsor you?”, I hear you ask.
Well, because of the fantastic work that the British Heart Foundation do (check their website at ), and 100miles with 3000metres of climbing for an old fella with a dodgy shoulder hurts so good!!!

You can sponsor me online at my page on the BHF website.

Thanks in advance, I wish you good karma.

Rough Ride

We did the Rough Ride this weekend. When I say we I mean Carla, Supawal, and me. When I say the Rough Ride I mean the tough Enduro event that takes place in Radnorshire.I opted for the 70km route, did it last year, and it was fantastic. The moorland sections are stunningly beautiful if you have the nerve to take your eyes off the trail for a second, or if you have the time to stop and look. I rode full-sus, and was wondering if I had made the right choice on the outward journey as there was a stiff headwind, and a lot of steep climbs. Things were different on the way back, with a nice tailwind blowing bowling along the trails was magic, and some of the descents were a major source of wow!

It took me 5 hours to complete the course, which is half an hour slower than last year. I put this down to the fact that the ground was not as hard this time. Carla thought the same as she had taken much longer to do the 40km route than she had anticipated bearing in mind her time from the 70km route last time.

Supawal? Well he said he was thinking of doing the short route, but he seemed to be going very well, and was in front of me at the split. When he went straight on I assumed that he was sticking to his short route plan. Turns out he missed the signs. Well that’s what he claims happened!