A Stiffee that lasts forever!

Saw the consultant on Tuesday for a second opinion on my shoulder. The hope was that he might be able to do something that would improve it’s mobility. He couldn’t. He told me that the risks involved were too great, and there would be every chance that I would end up with something that was worse/more painful than I have now. So it looks like I’m stuck with a very stiff shoulder.However, he is going to send me for an MRI scan to determine the state of play for the scar tissue around the rotator cuff, and the blood supply to the head of the bone. When the results come back he wants me to go along to a meeting that the consultants have and be presented as a test case. Maybe all hope is not lost.

Single minded determination

The weather was great over the weekend wasn’t it? I got out both days on my Kona singlespeed. I have been trying to pusuade Carla that she should get one, but she is unsure. However, what she has taken to doing is – if I ride my single speed she puts her bike in a similar gear, and tries to stay with it.As we rode on Sunday, we tackled some good climbs, and she made them all easily. We were on our way home, with one tough climb to finish off. Carla said that she didn’t think she would make it to the top of this one. So, as she had done so well, and I wanted her to feel good about her ‘singlespeeding’, I climbed off as the going got tough. Carla rode straight past me and attacked the climb with great gusto! Luckily (for me) she didn’t make it all the way to the top. Serves me right for being soft!