Our gig at the Lawrence d’Arabie…

First Friday of every month, down at the Lawrence d’Arabie in Chalus, there’s a musicians night. Thought it might be fun to go and do a few numbers. So Peter (Beta Biker), and me worked up a blinding set of 5 songs…

  • Drift Away – Dobie Gray
  • Can’t get Enough – Bad Company
  • Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
  • Try Me – Ry Cooder
  • Swing Low – Claptonesque version

I put some backing tracks together with bass and drums on my trusty old Roland VS1680, and stuck ’em on a mini-disc. We also recruited a second guitartist from the Correze to help with the twin lead bits in Can’t get Enough (thanks Carl). We were ready to Rock!!!

We invited just about everybody we could think of along, and by 9pm the tiny bar was packed. Here’s a picture of us rocking!!! 😉

Rockin at the Lawrence d'Arabie

We went down a storm(ish). It was a great night. We were first on. After us there were a string of musos performing acoustic and electric. Towards the end of the night, none other than Wreckless Eric along with Amy Rigby got up and stole the show. When we left, at around one in the morning, the place was still heaving.

It’s not all bikes y’know….

When I’m not biking, or boozing, I like nothing better than playin’ me geetah! Been playing a long time now. In fact, I first started playing after a motorbike crash put me out of action! What a suprise. 😉

Anyway, before I moved to France I stoopidly sold most of my small collection of guitars. The only electric I have left is the one that nobody wanted, a Fender Big Apple Stratocaster. Here she is…

My Big Apple Stratocaster - Blue on Black

A beauty eh? In the right hands such a guitar could make a grown man weep, and make a young woman go weak at the knees.

So, with a gig coming up i’m getting some practice in, wringing every last emotion out of her when my B string snapped. It’s nearly always the B that goes first. Ever tried buying guitar strings in rural France? Not easy, especially when I’m fussy about what I play. So instead of treking into Limoges and supporting the local guitar shop, which I know I should do, I went online at Strings Direct and ordered some of my all time favourites – Fender Super Bullets. Thanks to Rick at Strings Direct for the rapid service – they arrived within 48hrs.

GHS fast fretWhile I was on, I ordered some new Fast Fret. It’s a String and neck lubricant. That…

lets fingers slide freely, keeps strings clean and is good for wood. Glides on wipes off, specially formulated for stringed instruments.Fast fret cleans strings, lets you play faster, brightens sound, prolongs fingerboard life, long lasting, won’t damage your frets…

Last time I bought Fast Fret it came in a tin! If you’re into guitars you’ll know how long ago that was. 😉