Rock n Flore 2014 Festival, Mornac

Rock n Flore Festival 2014

We had a great time at the Rock n Flore festival!!! The what, the who, the where, I hear you say! The Rock’n’Flore music festival held at the botanical gardens in Mornac near Anguoleme. We were thrilled to be invited to play, and shared the bill with Joane Calice, who has my local guitar hero Thomas Ottogali in her band. Also the fab’ Cognac Saints. We were in good company eh? :-)

The Sugaree Band at the Rock'n flore festival 2014

Our good friend, and ace photographer Ian Wilson was on hand to capture the experience.

The Sugaree Band in action at the Rock n Flore music Festival 2014

You find Ian’s photos from the night here.

It really was a great night, and one we’ll remember for a long time. So many people to thank, Francis the sound engineer who was a pleasure to work with, all the Rock’n’Flore team who made us feel so welcome, and of course head honcho Igor Burtin for giving us the chance to play. Thanks Igor!


I didn’t know it was on!!!!…..

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Why “”?

There is a thriving flourishing live music scene in France. In the summer especially there is so much to see and do it’s hard to keep track of it all. We got fed up of hearing, “we didn’t know it was on”, and, “where do you find out about these things”. We found that people living in the Haute Vienne had no idea what was happening in the Charente or the Dordogne even though they might be just a few kilometers over the border. We decided to do something about it. This is it – ‘music ici‘!

To start off with we are just going to focus on our little corner of France. Using Confolens in the Charente as our hub, we’ll report on what’s happening within a two-hour drive. We’ll tell you about gigs, concerts, festivals, we’ll report on artists, bands, and venues. We want to share with you some of the vibe that’s happening here.

We want you to get involved. If you went to a great gig, tell us about it. If you are a band, send us your dates, we’ll publish them. If you are a venue, let us share your calendar.

From time to time we’ll invite guest writers, and reporters. We’ll arrange interviews and photoshoots. If your mother comes from Russia or has a black handled knife, we want to know!

Contact Music Ici here

Jazz n Blues Club – April = wow!

Bennetti’s Jazz n Blues Club (so named to honour my famous Italian jazz violinist grandad Stephano Bennetti) goes from strength to strength!!! The April session at Le Soleil Couchant was packed with musos and supporters alike. It was a real club atmosphere and all due reverence was given to the music – Not! When was the last time you were at a Jazz club and people banged on the tables shouting for more?

As usual, we were lucky to have ace pro’ photographer Ian Wilson on hand to capture the ‘ambiance’. Here’s Francis, our main man on the Trumpet. Click the picture to see the full set…..
Francis our main trumpet dude!

There were 15 guest musos who got up to join the house band at some point or other. It really was a night to remember, and I spent the most part of the following day writing to everyone to took part to say THANK YOU!

I’ve already started working on the ‘hit list’ for next month….after the last minute stress of April!!! So, if you are looking for some Jazz and Blues action in the Haute Vienne, then we’re at the Golf de Saint Junien on the 29th May. All musicians welcome, but if you want to be sure that you’ll get to play contact me so I can pencil you in.

Here’s the skinny, in French!

Bennetti’s Jazz Blues Club – Jeudi 29 mai à 20 heures
Entrée libre (dîner possible dans le restaurant)

jazz blues club MayJeudi 29 mai à 20 heures, nous accueillons le fameux Bennetti’s Jazz Blues Club (organisé par Steve Bennett) au club house du golf.

Le jazz club est ouvert à tous, ce concept réunit des musiciens de tous horizons ; le but est de jouer ensemble, apprendre les uns des autres, échanger autour d’une même passion. Les morceaux joués pendant la séance sont improvisés.

Il faut le voir pour le croire ! Chaque performance du jazz club est étonnante, leur public les suit où qu’ils se produisent, c’est une expérience à ne pas manquer ! Si vous voulez vous joindre à eux, tenter votre chance et amener votre instrument ou simplement les regarder en sirotant un apéritif au bar, n’hésitez pas ! Ambiance garantie !

Réservez une table « VIP » et dîner tout en profitant du spectacle. Réservez-vous aujourd’hui :

Tél.: / Email :

The Sugaree Band – CD WhooOOoooO!!!

At last, after months of hard work, sweat, blood, tears, nudity….I present to you, the very limited edition Sugaree Band CD….

The Sugaree Band CD

Containing 10 of the songs that we love to play the most. Covering a fairly wide range of styles to demonstrate our versatility, each one lovingly crafted for maximum eargasmic effect. Actually it’s a CD we’ve put together to try and get work, but we have a few copies left over. If you’d like one, you can have one! for 5 euros! Just contact us, and tell us.

Keep on Rocking in the Free World!!! :-)

Another first for me!!!!

My very first older person’s illness. I’ve had shingles, and it stinks. Here’s the gruesome evidence…..

shingles calendar

I’d been feeling a bit low for a while, starting end of Feb really, but as lots of people were getting colds/flu, I thought I’d maybe go the start of something like that. Next I came out in a rash. Nothing new for me, as I often get a slight rash just before I’m ill (ever since I went to Turkey in 82!). Things seem to be getting worse by the day, and I come out in blisters. A trip to the doctors confirms I have Shingles. There isn’t really anything you can do apart from rest, and take painkillers if you need then. I’m thinking i’ll be over it in a few days, but 5 weeks later I’m still not clear. I’m feeling much better, the pain has turned mostly to itching, I’m healed enough to be able to wear a cycling jersey, and I managed an hour on my bike yesterday, but that wiped me out.

Anyway, not complaining…..onward and upward! :-)

Jazz n Blues Club Programme 2014

Yeah, I know, bangin’ on about the Jazz n Blues Club again! Yeah, but it’s got to be done, it’s going so well, and people keep asking me, “where, when?”. So, I put together a flyer, got 500 printed, and started putting them in all the likely places. Here’s an online version just for you…
Bennetti's Jazz n Blues Club - dates 2014

Bennetti’s Jazz n Blues Club was one year old at our last meeting. The place was packed as usual, and we had a really great night. I had no idea when I started this last February that it would go so well, and become so popular. We’ve had close on 50 musicians play with us at some point through the year with ages ranging from 13 to mid 60s. New friendships have been formed, new musical projects have been started, and I’ve seen players grow in stature and confidence. It really has been an amazing year, and there’s no sign of it letting up either. I’m still getting new musos contacting me, wanting to come along and get involved. Long may it continue. I am really looking forward to those summer evening sessions.

Finally, the SEO bit….
If you are looking for some Jazz and Blues action in the Haute Vienne, Charente area of France, then Bennetti’s Jazz n Blues Club could be the place for you. We meet on the last Thursday of each month. All players of all abilities are very welcome, all I ask is that you contact me first so that I can fit you in where you’ll be happiest. Bennetti’s Jazz n Blues Club is primarily for musicians, our aim is, “to create a warm loving environment in which like minded musicians can meet, play, share, grow, and get hip!”, having said that, all fans of jazz n blues are welcome.

See ya down the line :-)